Sunday, May 6, 2007

The result of survey.

I’m taking a News Talk class that study about news. We surveyed about Youtube in the SIU. Our group’s topic is copyright. Today, Youtube are having many movies or clips that not only authorized movies, but also unauthorized movies. I wanted to know what people think about this issue. So, I asked to American about Youtube’s copyright. I handed out our surveys in front of Students Center. I could get eight surveys easily, because they were willing to answer the surveys. I thought American is so kind people, because nobody refused when I gave them it. One woman said to me “this is a good survey.” at the time. And we talked about Youtube a few minutes. It was good for me.

We got much information from the result of survey. Most American has watched unauthorized clips and 67% people think shouldn’t pay for copyright clips. But 25% of them think Youtube is guilty. Even if it is illegal, 64% Americans will continue to watch free clips. In addition, 89% people will find a way to watch copyrighted clips for free, if Youtube lose. But over 30 people are not interesting in Youtube.

I was surprised that 76% of people watch Youtube. Also, I knew that many people watch copyrighted clips. Even if Youtube lose, and people must pay to watch copyrighted clips, people will find a way to watch them for free anyway. But if nobody paid the money to watch movies, nobody can get money and they won’t be able to make movies. Now, people think about their fun. But it’s important to think about copyright for people who made that. And owner of Youtube should stop that appears unauthorized clips. They can work without copyright clips. I like Youtube, so I don’t want Youtube to disappear on the web.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Youtube and the copyright cops; safe...for now?

This article is written by Ken Fisher at online ars technica. Today, Youtube is used by many people in the world. Youtube is so interesting and convenience for us. But there are some TV clips or movie clips without authorization in the youtube. It’s bad for companies that make and sell movies or TV programs, because they can’t get money from youtube. If they want to remove the clips, they have to supply the youtube company with a legal notice of the infringement. However youtube can remove just merely identifying the infringing material. Even if many people watched the unauthorized material, they’re safe because they only host it.

-In my opinion-
I like Youtube and I often use them to watch Japanese movies or TV programs, because I can’t watch on TV in U.S. Now, they have some clips without authorization. I want to keep using them. But if Youtube company keep appearing clips without authorization on the website, maybe they will be charge by disgruntled copyright owners. I don’t want Youtube company to keep appearing them and I want them to make website that be able to make everyone fun.

Monday, April 9, 2007

10-years-olds attacked, beat homeless man!

The title of my article is Beating victim: ‘They are dangerous’. I found this article that 10 years olds attack homeless man in Florida, online at the, and this it is written by Associated Press. The incident is the homeless man was punched and bashed with concrete wall into his face by the 17-year-old boy and two 10-year-old boys when he was walking outside before 9 p.m. And then, they were accused of attacking him. Although a police had told the day of the boys’ first court to parents, they didn’t come to the courtroom. The policemen told us we need to look at the children’s backgrounds and families. Recently, there are some teenagers’ incidents in the U.S.

-My opinion-
This story is too fearful incident. But the responsibility of this incident is not only the boys but also their parents and the government, because the boys are still 10-year-olds. They don’t know many important things or about the society. So, parents have to teach many things to them and the government should prevent like this incident. However they can rehabilitate, because they are so young. I think we were thinking children are pure and innocent, but now age is changing so rapidly. We have to think about education of child and the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Death Penalty

I am opposed to the capital punishment system. According to the textbook, capital punishment doesn't relate to the homicide rate. Murder is a crime of passion, because they can not think calmly about the punishment and cannot stop committing crime because of outrage. So, I think capital punishment is not meaning. In addition, the executioner receives mental damage, because everybody knows life is most important for us. If death penalty does not deter murder, we should abolish it and try to rehabilitate the criminals. So, punishment of long imprisonment is better than capital punishment. In conclusion, the death penalty is useless to stop homicides and it is an unnecessary thing. So, we should abolish it!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Suspects in five burglaries arrested

I visited this web site that was made by Danny Wenger. This is article that two men suspected of burglarizing 5 separate businesses were arrested by police in Carbondale.Police thought all five committed that had glass on the front door that had been broken to gain entrance were similar. So, they were being committed by the same parson or group. They had arrested two men. And then, they could find additional arrests in connection with the burglaries.

If you visit this web site, you can get more information and see mug shot of them.
Suspects in Five Burglaries Arrested

My opinion

I think it is fear. Although Carbondale looks like peace, there are many commit crimes. However Carbondale police is very good, because they find and arrest many criminals. I respect them. So, if we have a trouble, we should call 911. They will help us.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Falling on Cedars

I am reading "Snow Falling on Cedars". You can get more information when you visit this site.
One character from the book is named Hatsue. I like Hatsue, because she is beautiful, kind and tough. She is Japanese American, but she doesn't forget Japanese traditions. Now, in Japan there are many people who forget them. So, I respect her. Although her husband is accused of murder, she is getting along well. I want to be like her.

-Describe Hatsue-

She is Japanese but grew up in America. She has beautiful black hair and eyes. Her parents sent her to Mrs. Shigemura and she learned how to dance, serve tea etc. And then she was crowned princess of the Strawberry Festival in 1941. She fell in love with Ishmael, who is American. But, no one accepted it. And now, she is married to the accused man.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Police shoot the man!!

I visited this web site that was made by Andrea Hahn.
Do you know that Carbondale police shot and killed man? This site describes a detail about it. So, you can get more information when you visit this site. In the early morning, Carbondale police officers got a 911 call about a stabbing in progress. They arrived there after 1 min. One of the officers said to the man " Drop the knife." But he didn't. And then, he shot the man. In Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, he was pronounced dead on Monday afternoon.

My Opinion

I was surprised when I heard about it. I had thought Carbondale is very safe. And, Carbondale police officer is wonderful, because they could arrive there for just 1 min! It's so quickly. However, I can't understand the officer's action. Why did he shoot to kill the man? If he needs to shoot, I think he could aim to shoulder or arm and prevent death. We don't know all of situation. So, we can't blame the police. But, It's so sad story.